Friday, 22 February 2013


I can post about my knitting project I did with my mum at Christmas time.  As we knitted the owl gloves, pictured below, for my Aunt in America for her christmas I was unable to post this until she recieved them.  Well, now she has so here are the pictures I took of them.  As you will see the Magazine mollie makes is featured in one of the photos, this is because the pattern came out of this magazine.  The other is one of the gloves on my hand.  These gloves are my first knitting project so Im rather proud of them, well technically only one of them as my mum knitted the other.  It was a completely joint effort.  Im even more proud that my aunt loves them.  If you are reading this Aunty, hello there and thank you for reading my blog.  So without further delay here are the photos :)

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  1. Hello there!
    Beautiful labor of love gloves!tania and mum kudos to you both.