Friday, 26 August 2016

Art challenge 29 faces as set by Ayala art

Ok time to breath some life back into my blog again.  There is a 29 faces art challenge going on at Ayala arts blog here There is also a facebook page here.  If you are arty why not join in.  I aim do a blog post daily to chart my progress, which is not easy but this will be my personal challenge for the first 29 days in September. I have been drawing and painting a lot of faces anyway so why not.  Here is one to get us warmed up in readiness for the 29 faces challenge starting on the 1st of September.

would you like to see me paint this? 

find below the link to my video

or scroll below to keep reading :) 

This face was painted using Prima watercolours that I purchased from a fantastic company with fantastic customer service.  Seriously I cannot recommend them enough.  I put in an order a while back (why I keep going back to them) I had accidentally done a duplicate on one of the stencils I was ordering.  Rather than just processing my order they emailed me to make sure it was not an error and that I actually wanted two of the same stencil.  Well I didn't so I thanked them for noticing, they amended my order and gave me a refund.  How cool is that? The other reason I purchase regularly from them is they offer free delivery on orders over £20 (correct at time of writing 26th august 2016) I cannot think of any other company with such a low threshold for delivery.  So what is the company I hear you ask.  Well it is "Thats crafty"  and they can be found here   


  1. This is really beautiful ♥

    1. Thank you very much. I really appreciate you have taken the time to comment. I hope you see you back again sometime :) T x