Sunday, 20 December 2015

Come join our Doctor Who Dunnit Mystery Art Crawl #Doctorwho #CAC

I am an unknown Doctor companion.  There are 12 others.  Come see our art videos and hear our clues to figure out who killed the doctor.  Be sure to head over to Ian Garlands channel to guess who killed Doctor Who to be in with a chance to win a prize.  see below full instructions on how to play and the background story.  Each video will contain a video play list you can follow to find all the participating channels.  Click here to view my video, once you know how to play etc  There will be an (i) in the top right corner you can click on that for the full play list.

How to play:
 Solve the Crime and see Doctor Who Art
 Welcome to the Doctor Who Dunnit art Crawl. Meet the unknown Companions of the Doctor. They posses the clues to who MAY or who MAY NOT have murdered The Doctor. Here are their stories listen and solve solve the mystery of the timelords downfall. Each has witnessed an enemy, thwarted an attack, and posses a special art skill to save the universe. Travel through time and space to unravel the truth while seeing some great art and crafts. At the End of your Journey put your guess for the killer at this Link. ( link here) A special Doctor Who prize drawing for all who complete the journey smile emoticon
 The Doctor has been found dead in an interdimensional room. This room is full of robot wind up toys staring blankly in as if waiting for something or someone to awaken them smile emoticon Windows surround the room with Tiffany style glass picturing a bent gnarled tree. It is hard to look at them without an overwhelming feeling of dread. In the corner an impossibly ridiculous looking generator sits with flashing warning lights. There is a logo painted on Koschie and Deca clean nuclear Energy. The shadow Proclamation and the Sisterhood Karn work together to return the doctor to gallifrey in a special time lord urn designed to hold the time energy and return it to the Untempered Schism. Instead of his time energy streaming out art supplies fell out. Many impossible art supplies. You have been chosen by the Dark masses to listen to the testimony of the lost companions and determine what has happened to The Doctor

 If you are an artist/creative YouTuber and have a channel why not Join the Creative Arts Collaboration (CAC) Community (Fill out the member request form from our FanPage on Facebook)

I hope you enjoy your trip though time and space.  Don't forget to share this with your friends :)

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