Tuesday, 16 June 2009

my very first award

Thank you to Alyson for awarding me this fabulous award. The conditions of this award are I must thank who gave me it and link to their blog - done.

I must list 10 honest things about myself

I must put a copy of the honest scrap logo on my page - done.

I must select at least 7 other worthy bloggers for this award (this part will be hard Im not sure I know 7 other bloggers lol) and notify them of the award.

10 honest things about me are :

1. I was born in malta

2. I have 3 children

3. I have 1 grandson

4. I am still under 40 (ok only just lol)

5. I love musical theatre

6. My favourite author is David Eddings

7. I dont like soap operas

8. But I do like dramas such as greys anatomy

9. I like chocolate too much

10. Im very sad today

The people I nominate are:


Diannes rambles


Sue Cs crafty blog

All other friends have had one or more nominations already lol So Im stuck for other names. Sorry Folks but I guess 4 is better than none.

Take care

Sparkles to all

T x


  1. Well done Tania!
    Love your ten honest things - but sorry you're feeling sad today.
    Sue xx

  2. OMG a ga gal come on whose ya fav?